Report security concerns to us

SOS Children’s Villages works for the wellbeing of the children and young people who have lost parental care or are on the verge of losing it.

Your small contribution will be a great help to children.

If you have identified a security concern or vulnerability on our online-site, assets and privacy, we appreciate your genuine concern to reach out to us in the below mail:

Reporting Medium:

By emailing to

Information to Include in Your Report:

When reporting a security concern, please provide the following details for effective analysis and resolution:

Location of the Vulnerability: Describe where the vulnerability was discovered.

Potential Impact: Explain the potential impact of exploiting the vulnerability.

Steps to Reproduce: Offer a detailed description of the steps needed to reproduce the vulnerability. Proof of concept scripts or screenshots are highly appreciated.

Language: If possible, provide information in English.

Confidentiality Notice: For the security of our systems, we kindly request you to keep the reported issue confidential until further information is provided.

Thank you for your commitment to responsible disclosure and collaboration in maintaining the security of SOS Children's Villages Nepal's digital assets.

Best regards,

ICT Department

SOS Children's Villages Nepal