At SOS Children’s Villages Nepal, we do whatever it takes to ensure that each child and young person grows up with the bonds and healthy relationships they need to become their strongest selves and thrive in the future. Our utmost priority is to ensure that every child receives the care and protection they deserve. The essence of high-quality care lies in tailoring services to meet the unique needs of each individual, considering their specific circumstances and backgrounds.

All alternative care options we support, are guided by and in line with the UN Guidelines for the Alternative Care for Children to which we made key contributions in the development process. We believe that truly bonding with a child, as a parent, sibling, caregiver or mentor, has the power to change their world. Our work centres around the strength of human connection and focuses on showing children and young people that they belong no matter who they are. A positive and supportive childhood empowers children to develop the life skills, resilience and support networks they need to set personal goals and move confidently into self-reliant adulthood. 

Types of Alternative care we support

Family-like care (Children's Village) 

SOS Children's Villages Nepal believes that every child has the right to grow up in their families of origin with love, respect, and security. Unfortunately, many children do not have adequate parental care and, as a result, experience various forms of vulnerability.

We aim to provide a loving home where children grow up together as brothers and sisters under the quality care provided by their mother. The lasting bond contributes to the children's holistic development enabling them to realize their full potential and become self-reliant.


Family-like care [Small group homes (SGH)/ Supervised independent living (SIL)]

We work directly with young people to prepare them for the transition, offering psychosocial support and vocational and social skills training; with partners to set up employability initiatives and with governments to improve aftercare provisions worldwide.



Kinship care

Children are cared for by members of their extended families, older siblings, or even family friends. We support kinship care through family strengthening programmes

Promoting standards of care

We promote and ensure quality alternative care. We work with governments, care professionals and partners to help ensure that children's and young people’s rights are fulfilled and every child and young person has the best, most suitable care and support for their specific individual needs.


Important resources

SOS Care Promise

The SOS Care Promise is SOS Children's Villages overall programme policy. It articulates both what we do and how we do it via the principles and values that are the foundation of our work, the care solutions through which we implement our mission and the commitments to quality care.


Guidelines for the Alternative Care of Children

Guidelines for the Alternative Care of Children is a set of international standards that would ultimately give expert guidance to the government of Nepal and duty bearers on the implementation of the UNCRC.



Child and Youth Safeguarding Policy

This Child and Youth Safeguarding Policy defines the minimum standards required of all individuals and entities working for or on behalf of SOS Children’s Villages to ensure that our actions are guided first and foremost by the safety and well-being of children and youth who come into contact with us. 




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