The skill development training centre Itahari

Since its establishment in 1993, the skill development training centre Itahari, one of the programmes of FS Itahari, has been a beacon of hope for individuals seeking to enhance their skills and improve their livelihoods. Over the years, the centre has made a significant impact on the lives of its participants, providing training opportunities and empowering them to become self-reliant. With a focus on target group women and community members, the centre has worked tirelessly to fulfil its main objectives of capacitating individuals, promoting financial literacy, generating income, raising awareness on self employment, and fostering self-reliance. Currently, the centre provides training in five trades, including tailoring, boutique, embroidery, painting, and knitting.

A staggering total of 2,072 individuals have received training from the skill development training centre since its inception. Among these participants, 529 individuals continue to engage in income-generating activities, enjoying sustainable livelihoods through their newfound skills. Additionally, 78 participants have taken on the role of trainers, sharing their expertise through various training centres and independent endeavours.

In 2022, 71 participants received training at the Skill development training centre.

The skill development training centre also prioritises equal opportunities, particularly for economically disadvantaged individuals. The centre supports financially marginalised women through a scholarship programme, enabling them to access training and acquire valuable skills. This initiative has empowered many trainees to establish successful sewing, boutique, and embroidery businesses, resulting in increased incomes and enhanced livelihoods.


Life changing support

I am Malati* (name changed), a resident of Itahari, Sunsari district. After my husband's passing in 2059 B.S., I faced the challenge of supporting our family without income. In 2061 B.S., a compassionate coworker from SOS Children's Village Itahari visited and encouraged me to join the training centre. Initially sceptical due to my limited education, I eventually gained confidence and enrolled in the six-month tailoring training programme. Equipped with new skills, I opened a tailoring shop at home, earning around fifteen thousand rupees monthly and saving for a house. Thanks to the support, I now live happily with my daughters. This opportunity transformed my life, proving that dreams can be achieved with determination, resilience, and support.