SOS Youth Club Nepalgunj Drives Community Development Initiatives in Two-Day Programme

In a concerted effort to foster positive change within the community, SOS Youth Club Nepalgunj successfully conducted a Capacity Building Training for Local Child Clubs, a comprehensive Community Development Initiatives programme, on the 8th and 9th of December 2023. The programme aimed to kickstart innovative initiatives while solidifying the presence of SOS Youth Club as a driver of sustainable development.

The initial phase involved meticulous community assessments, with SOS Youth Club Nepalgunj representatives visiting two local communities, three public schools, and two ward offices, including a municipality office. After identifying prevalent issues, the focus zeroed in on challenges, particularly enhancing the capacity of child clubs. These clubs, representing different facets of the community, were carefully chosen to ensure a broad impact.

A strategic approach was taken to address each club's unique needs, culminating in a decision to conduct a two-day session covering crucial aspects such as Clubs' management skills, Leadership skills, and Cyber Security skills.

The meticulous planning and execution by SOS Youth Club Nepalgunj were evident, as they orchestrated a successful training program. This included securing venues, arranging experienced trainers, issuing certificates, creating banners, inviting guests, and providing refreshments.

The first day of the programme featured a session led by Child Safeguarding Focal Person Laxman Karki. The topics covered included club formation processes, goals, member selection, roles and responsibilities, minute writing, issue identification, problem-solving processes, and annual planning. The session drew the active participation of 28 individuals.

The second day witnessed separate workshops facilitated by experts on Youth Leadership Development and Cyber Safety. Mr Man Bhandari, ex-chairperson of Bageswari Asal Sasan Nepal, led the Leadership Development session, delving into positive thinking, leadership techniques, opportunities and challenges, and the historical context of role model leaders. A total of 40 participants, primarily aged between 14 and 20, enthusiastically engaged in the workshop, gaining a clearer understanding of their roles in the community.

Simultaneously, a dedicated Cyber Safety Training session aimed to equip participants with knowledge about cyber laws, crimes, and preventive measures. The interactive workshop successfully educated 40 participants on the intricacies of cyber safety. Aarati, one of the participants, expressed newfound awareness, stating, "Understanding cyber-crime and its consequences has been enlightening. I am now conscious about safeguarding my password, email, mobile number, and even Facebook posts."

SOS Youth Club Nepalgunj's commitment to community development and youth empowerment shone through in this two-day programme, leaving a positive impact on the participants and reinforcing the club's role in fostering sustainable growth.