Training On Self-Defense

SOS Children’s Village Surkhet organized seven days training on Self-Defense for the children from 6th to 13th August 2021.


"This training provided a chance to learn various skills. I feel more confident because the training has enhanced my ability to defend myself if the need arises,” shared Laximta, one of the participants.

Further, she added, “This training is important to everyone. I have planned to teach self-defense techniques to my younger siblings. It helps us to protect from any harm and also keeps us physically and mentally fit.”

The training was held in Maitri Hall, in the premise of the Village with a group of 24 children. The programme was facilitated by the Sports Teacher Mr. Ramesh Tuladhar.

The Village Director Mr. Mukunda Kumar Giri said, " Self-defense is today's necessity for every child as the incidents of abuses have been rapidly growing day by day.  Self-defense is not for attacking others but for protection. It also enhances the psychomotor skills as well." Further, he added, " We also need to learn to defend the various situations in life, for instance; social, cultural and psychological, etc.”

During the closing ceremony of the training, six pairs of children demonstrated the self- defense skills which they learned during the training and shared their experiences as well.