EDUCATION: COVID-19 RESPONSE – November 1 2023

Bridging the digital divide to enhance education in partner schools

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, Nepal faced significant challenges in providing education to students as schools were forced to close. To address this crisis and ensure access to digital education for vulnerable children, a project called ‘Breaking the barrier of the digital divide’ was launched in January 2022. The initiative focuses on enhancing ICT-based education in partner schools and improving digital education opportunities.

Three schools, including two community schools, are benefiting from training sessions, ICT devices, and internet connectivity. The project also focuses on capacity development for teachers and stakeholders on utilising ICT in teaching and learning.

To ensure sustainability, a model ICT lab has been established at Hermann Gmeiner school, equipped with computer devices, a smartboard, and internet connectivity. The project also collaborates with local government authorities to support the continuity of its initiatives. Over 1,034 students and 70 teachers have gained access to the internet and devices, while additional teachers from nearby community schools have received orientation on ICT-based education. The initiative aims to bridge the digital divide and ensure equal educational opportunities in Nepal.