A journey to Entrepreneurship: Ranjata Sharma

I joined SOS Children's Village Bharatpur at the age of seven, along with my two biological siblings, after the demise of my mother. Now, I am an owner of a fast-food restaurant, 'Belna', in Bharatpur. My SOS family equipped me with all the necessary skills to thrive in the real world. I grew up in a warm and secure environment with loving brothers and sisters. I learned to care for younger ones, respect seniors and work in a team which have greatly assisted me in surviving in a competitive market. After obtaining a Bachelor's Degree, I was looking for an opportunity to do something independently. Based on the market demand, I invested in establishing a restaurant business with the support of my SOS family. Belna has become a famous brand in its vicinity in a short time, and I diligently work every day to take the business to a greater height.

-Ranjata Sharma, Care leaver, SOS Children’s Villages Nepal