Our Youth Care Programmes aim to equip young people with the skills and confidence they need for their independence. Generally, young people are transferred to Youth Care Programme at the age of 16 or after completing Grade X from their respective SOS Children’s Villages. In Youth Care, they receive food, accommodation, health support, and pursue higher secondary education or opt for vocational training programmes as per their interests and abilities. In every Youth Care Programme, we have dedicated counsellors who provide support and guidance needed to the young people. Counsellors help young people to identify their future goals, motivate and encourage them to create opportunities and prepare them for their independent life in society.



Empowering young people

We work directly with youth to prepare them for this transition to independence through a special focus on youth empowerment.

Psychosocial support and career coaching

In our direct work with young people, we offer psychosocial support and provide guidance on education and career options, and encourage them to develop their individual interests and talents.

Strengthening vocational and entrepreneurial skills

To prepare young people for their transition to independence, we offer vocational, qualifications and social skills training to increase their employability and entrepreneurship prospects.

Providing access to mentoring, training and work experiences

We work with partners, to set up employability and entrepreneurship initiatives; and with governments to improve aftercare provisions worldwide. Most importantly, we connect them with mentors and wider support networks to guide them on their unique path. 

Innovation through information technology

We also focus on digital access and learning for young people, helping them to stay connected, build skills for employability and entrepreneurship purposes, and navigate the internet responsibly.

Every human being deserves love, dignity and respect. SOS Children’s Villages Nepal supports children and young people with care and compassion.


As a child growing up in SOS Children’s Village Kavre in Nepal, Rupesh Lama would mesmerise the other children by acting out fantastic stories. He would have his SOS family laughing hysterically with his jokes and character impressions. Now as an adult, Rupesh has turned that early talent into an acting career, performing with a theatre company in Kathmandu. His dream, however, is to one day go into movies and be the first Nepalese actor to win one of acting’s highest honours, an Oscar.


Subash was just one-and-half years old when he was placed in a wonderful nurturing home in SOS Children's Village Gandaki. Today, Subash is Inspector Subash Singh of Nepal Armed Police Force (APF) Hospital, and he is determined to serve the community.