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Family-like care (Children's Village) 

At SOS Children's Villages Nepal, we provide family-like care for children and young people who have lost parental care. They are cared for in a home where they live with caregivers such as mothers and aunts, their siblings, and other children. Children receive total quality care until they are ready to live independently.


“Being a mother for 40 years, I have understood that mothers play a significant role in shaping the future of their children,” says Chandra Kala. “We are mentors for our children. We show and guide them towards their right path. With pure love and affection, we make them feel at home, help ease their journey to independence, and leave their pain behind.”

Chandra Kala received the Helmut Kutin Award honors in 2019 for her 40 years of devotion in caring for children at SOS Children’s Village Gandaki, making her one of the longest serving mothers in the global SOS Children’s Villages organisation.



 “Ama, please hurry up. My friends are waiting for me. We have a football match today,” says Karma* (name changed) while his mother, Lhamo, ties his shoelace. Karma rushes down the lane to join his friends, and they play for hours tirelessly. “I can vividly remember the initial days of Karma when he first came to the house. He looked delicate and fragile but I knew instantly that he would be normal like other children here within a few months,” Lhamo recalls. Karma was welcomed to SOS Village Pokhara when he was only three years old. He is placed in a house where he is loved and cared for by all. He has become a very energetic and outspoken child. He has many friends and loves running around the village with his friends.



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