July 18 2021

Tree Plantation in SOS Children's Village Surkhet

Welcoming this beautiful monsoon, SOS Child club Surkhet organized a tree plantation program inside the village premises on 16th July 2021.

The child club along with all the co-workers of SOS Children's Village Surkhet took this great initiation to enhance the beauty and conserve the environment both at the same time. Every member of the child club and coworkers filled with joy and exuberance during the plantation of flowers of different kinds.

The Village Director Mr. Mukunda Kumar Giri Said, "We all depend upon trees for survival. The shades of trees help us to strengthen our physical as well as mental health. As the world is battling with the Coronavirus, followed by lockdown, we want our children to be more connected with nature rather than on social media and mobile games only. We hope this practice from an early age would gradually teach the children to work towards a healthy environment in the future."

"With saplings, we are planting a memory forever..." said the child club president Mr. Roshan Gharti Magar. He added, "Even if we grow up and leave this Children’s Village, these trees will always be there blooming with the memory of our childhood happy moments. I am proud our plants will give oxygen to the entire living creature."

The secretary of the child club, Ms. Jamuna Sunar said, “Trees are natural air filters absorbing harmful pollutants. They are also home to many birds and animals. I have realized the need of more trees that provides us oxygen. So, I actively participated in the plantation program."

SOS Children’s Villages Nepal has planned to plant saplings in ten SOS Children’s Villages across Nepal  as a small step to protect environment in the SOS Children’s Villages and SOS Youth Cares.