CARELEAVER'S STORY – September 20 2022

“Hard work always pays off”- Inspector Subash Singh

Subash was just a baby when his father left his mother and remarried another woman. Shortly after that, Subash's father cut all the ties with him and his mother, leaving them in the lurch. To seek justice, his mother even filed a case against his father. Unfortunately, his mother was hospitalized around the same time and later died of chronic illness. Abandoned and neglected by his father, Subash did not have anyone to look after him. 

However, things were about to change for good in Subash's life after the social worker, whom he refers to as Thakali Aama, noticed his pitiable condition and ultimately brought him to SOS Children's Village Gandaki.Thakali Aama filled out all the necessary forms for me to be placed at SOS Children's Village Gandaki. After completing all the procedures, I finally got a new family at SOS Children's Village, which eventually became my family for life," says Subash. 

Today, Subash is Inspector Subash Singh of Nepal Armed Police Force (APF) Hospital, and he is determined to serve the community.  

"I was just one-and-half years old when I was placed in a wonderful nurturing home in SOS Children's Village Gandaki. My family at SOS Children's Village Gandaki provided me with a sense of belonging, and my mother showed me love, patience and kindness. I felt like I was finally at home," says Subash.  

Motivated and encouraged by those around him, Subash says that over time, he gained confidence and aspired for a great future. "With the support of my family, I felt I could do anything in life," he says. 

In the meantime, Subash was enrolled at SOS Hermann Gmeiner School Gandaki where he received love and encouragement to excel in his studies from his teachers. “I had the privilege of studying in such a great environment. It is one of the greatest things that happened to me,” says Subash.

Subash continued to progress each Grade one after another. He says that his SOS family and his teachers were always there to support and guide him to take the right decision. 

"My mother, along with former Village Director Kaji Babu Pandey and Youth Director Pradeep Bhakta Acharya, who are my guardian figures, motivated me to enroll in the programme for Laboratory Technician. I studied hard and eventually secured a placement in Kathmandu University, one of the reputed universities of Nepal," says Subash. "This academic journey also marks another turning point in my life." 

After completing his studies, Subash says he immediately started part-time jobs in different hospitals. Ultimately, he was over the moon to land a permanent job as a Sub-Inspector Laboratory Technician. "After that, I got several opportunities, and among them was being deployed into UN Peacekeeping Missions in 2019," shares Subash.

After his successful tenure as a UN Peacekeeper, Subash continued working as a commander for APF hospital under the COVID-19 Crisis Management Co-ordination Center (CCMCC) in various COVID-19 affected areas of Darchula and Kapilvastu. His dedication and devotion to serving the community during the pandemic paid off and he was selected as the best employee and was later honoured with the 'Nepal Pratap Abhushan (नेपाल प्रताप आभूषण)', Award in 2020.

President Bidya Devi Bhandari presented ‘Nepal Pratap Abhushan’ Award to Subash on the occasion of National Constitution Day in recognition of his service to society.

"As it is said that hard work always pays off, I was also promoted to Inspector in April 2022 in Nepal Armed Police Force (APF) Hospital," says Subash with a smile. 

Subash says that he feels fortunate to have been brought to SOS Children's Village Gandaki, where he shared a special affection and unique bonding with his mother, family members, and friends. "Throughout my life's journey, SOS Children’s Village Gandaki has been eternally within me. Whatever I am today is because of the good teachings I received from my loving home. I am proud that my identity is connected with SOS Children Village Gandaki," says Subash.