SOS Youth Facilities

SOS Youth Facility the home for SOS youths. It aims at helping the adolescents to choose a profession and to become independent in terms of employment. It supports the youths for their living, education, and health.

SOS Youth Facility Biratnagar: - For boys, it is located at Malaya Road in Biratnagar, in the eastern terai of Nepal and there is another building in the same city for the girls.
SOS Youth Facility Gandaki:- Boys' Facility  is located within the premises of SOS Children's Village Gandaki. Girls' Facility is functioning on a hired flat in Pokhara city.
SOS Youth Facility Jorpati- supports the handicapped and disabled children for their living, education, training and health care. Boys' Facility is situated at Koteshwor but the Girls' Facility does not have the accommodation of its own; a flat has been rented in the center of Kathmandu city.

SOS Youth Facility Kathmandu:-  It is the first Youth Facility located at Koteshwor  in Kathmandu is for the boys..Another building at Buddha Nagar in Kathmandu has been accommodated by the girls.
SOS Youth Facility Kavre is the home for the youths of SOS Children’s Village Kavre.  
SOS Youth Facility Nepalgunj is the home for the youths from SOS Children's Village Surkhet, in the western part of Nepal. The Girls' Facility is also a Support Office responsible for the two Social Centres and one Medical Centre in Bardiya.

SOS Youth Facility Pokhara (for CV) was combined with the Hostel of Vocational Training Centre Pokhara, at the beginning. It in the home to accommodate the youths from SOS CV Pokhara
SOS Youth Facility Pokhara (for VTC) is the Hostel of Vocational Training Centre Pokhara. It provides accommodation for trainees those get training in welding, Turning, Electronics, Secretary, and Computers etc at the center