SOS Social Centre

SOS Social Centre Surkhet is working as a Day car centre for the children from local community and for the women from the localities; it runs various programmes like Cutting, Knitting and weaving for their skill development. Medical facility is also provided for those people who could not afford medicine for their children. Local children and mothers receive medical assistance from this centre. Beside this, some children are receiving day care services from this centre.

SOS Social Centre Itahari provides assistance for the skill development for the poor people (esp. women) from local community. It has been providing trainings on: Cutting / Sewing, Painting (fabric art), Knitting, Embroidery training to the local women. This centre also provides free of cost medical facility to local children and mothers. Beside this centre is providing day care services to the children from neighboring communities.
SOS Social Centre Bansghari/ Bardiya  is located on amidst the Tharu Villages in Bardiya district, this centre has been serving poor and backward community children and parents. The programmes run by this centre are day care centre and Off-school Literacy classes.

SOS Social Centre Bhakari/ Bardiya is also one among the two of the social centres in Bardiya. It is also located on amidst the Tharu Village. The programmes run by this centre are same as that of SOS Social Centre Bansghari. Every month, local people get benefit from this centre.
SOS Social Centre Sanothimi is basically focusing on the family strengthening program. Under this program, it provides scholarship to the children of widowed mothers and some financial assistance to the needy family for their food expenses.

SOS Social Centre Gandaki offers Day Care, Primary Health Care and Skill Training for women. In the year 2003 some of the classrooms of Hermann Gmeiner School were converted into the day care rooms and skill training rooms for the social center.

SOS Social Centre Bharatpur offers Day Care, Primary Health Care and Scholarship for needy children from the neighboring communities. Every year, around 250 children and women are received the services from this social center.

SOS Social Centre Kavre is reaching out to needy children and women in the communities through an umbrella program called ‘Family Strengthening Program (FSP). SOS Kavre has started extending support for schooling, food, and clothing to the children from surroundings. Such children are normally from very poor and single parent background. Students in SOS Hermann Gmeiner School are provided full and partial scholarship through social center.