SOS Hermann Gmeiner School Surkhet

SOS Hermann Gmeiner School, Surkhet was established in the SOS Children’s Village Surkhet in 1989 A.D. It had begun with 120 children and four teachers. It had classes from Nursery to Three . Along with the growth of the children, the need of further education was realized; the school was gradually upgraded and became a full-fledged Secondary School in 1996.
It has been able to render best possible quality education by means of qualified, experienced and dynamic teachers and exciting environment. It has been showing its notable performance not only in the academic field but also in the field of extra co-curricular activities. Every year it has excelled at district level and S.L.C exams. There is harmonious relationship among the students and the teachers which can be taken as one of the factors behind the quality education to the school .With its recognition as one of the best schools in Mid Western Region in Nepal, it has commenced +2 programs for management since 2006 A.D.
SOS Hermann Gmeiner Higher Secondary School Surkhet is a part of the global framework of SOS Kinderdorf International which, basically, is a leading child welfare organization giving children, a mother, sibling and a home worldwide. SOS Hermann Gmeiner Schools are established after the revered name of Prof. Hermann Gmeiner, the founding father of SOS Children’s Village. It solely aims to enable the deprived children to adjust themselves in the changeable society. Such children are to be provided quality education with diverse psychological supports. Besides, it provides academic opportunity to the surrounding community. SOS Herman Gmeiner Higher Secondary School Surkhet is exclusively dedicated to the upbringing Children of SOS and surrounding community. It consists of students from different castes, cultures, religions, traditions and social and economic status. This is co-ed institution offering both for school and now plus two level of management. Specific Objectives of SOS HERMANN GMEINER SECONDARY SCHOOL SURKHET: We aim to equip our students with the skills required to be able to find a dignified place in the society with innovative mind, attitude of hope and tolerance and character necessary for becoming a good human being. On completing school level education, students will be eligible to go for higher academic pursuits with adequate energy, confidence and promise