SOS Children's Village Surkhet

SOS Children's Village Surkhet is situated at Kalagaon, ward-3, Birendranagar Surkhet Mid Western part of Nepal. Surkhet itself is a small valley at the altitude of 1000 meters. Nearest town Nepalgunj is 106 km. to the south. Surkhet has an airport and is connected to the other parts of the country by the tarred road. There were two colleges, few High Schools, one District Hospital and the small market at the time of establishment of this village, but now there are several +2, schools, colleges, one regional hospital, two nursing homes and the town is expanding rapidly.

This SOS Children's Village was established by the personal request of the existing queen Her Majesty Aishworya Rajya Laxmi to the President of SOS Children’s Villages International in the Mid Western part of the country, especially in Surkhet.

The region includes many remote and poor districts of Nepal. The land of this village was provided by the government of Nepal, free of cost in 1984. It was designed under the direct instruction and interest of the President and the construction was started in the beginning of the year 1986. The place where the Village is located was quite remote. It was only connected with Nepalgunj by fair weather road. So during monsoon, four to five months the construction had to be stopped. It took nearly three years for the completion of the village. Only towards the end of the year 1987, the Village came into operation. The Village was officially inaugurated by the existing King Birendra Bir Bikram Shah on 24th January 1989. Mr. Helmut Kutin, International President was also present on the occasionThe Village cares under Birendranagar Municipality with the population of about 50,000. Until few years before, this used to be a very remote area which could be reached by a weekly flight or by a fare weather road. Obviously, the neighborhoods were poor with the exception of few landlords. The whole community used to depend upon farming.

There were very few well established organizations in this part of the country. Of them, this organization gained very remarkable image, respect and appreciation to its services rendered to the people living in the community. Till now Buildings and the maintenance have been regarded as an exemplary project in the whole region. The services provided through the Social Center and the Medical Center to the neighborhood had been very beneficial. After the regional hospital transferred near our premises, the necessity of medical facility for surrounding community was felt unnecessary. As a result, the program of medical facility was contracted. Now we provide pre-medical services to the people in need under the Family Strengthening Programme. Instead of child literacy program, the needy children are provided scholarship in different Government Schools through it.

SOS Social Center was established to provide services to the neighborhood children. The neighborhoods were very poor and they had no easy access to medical facilities. The infant death rate was very high. Therefore, we started with the Day Care Services, nutrition to improve the quality of the neighborhood children. Because of their poverty, many children who were of the school going age were deprived of education. So we helped them through the Child Literacy Program. Many such children were benefited. Now this center is helping many poor women of the neighborhood through skill development program since its establishment.

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