SOS Youth Facility Kathmandu

SOS Youth Village, koteshwor is the oldest Youth Village in Nepal established in 1983 AD. Currently SOS Youth Village consists of 4 family houses each with the capacity of holding 10 youths, 2 houses for residential Youth. An exercise hall is being used by youths and playing indoor games. The village also have one separate play ground where outdoor games like Basket Ball court lies and also used that ground is for organizing other activities during occasions.Each family house contains a kitchen for the house members not exceeding 10 youths, which is managed and held by youths themselves on turn taking, often two youths at one time. 5 bed rooms in one house accommodates two youths in each room. A common living room in every house is used for watching T.V. programs and having discussion on family matters and meeting visitors. 12 co-workers are working in this Youth Village presently.

SOS Youth Village is proud of its achievement over its service year. A great number of our integrated youths have been able to obtain remarkably respected positions in society. Many of our integrated youths have been working for various Government and Non-Government agencies in higher positions for instances 2 persons are senior police officer (DSP), and one police inspector in Nepal Police. One youth has been able to be Doctor/Physician. Some youths have been proved as successful businessman inside and outside the country. Nearly a dozen integrated youths are discharging their service in SOS Children's Village Nepal itself and many of them have been already in managerial position including Village Director. Notable achievement made by our one youth during this period is the one who is working as a software developer in e USA. A youth who became a researcher is working as a senior research officer in an organization that has good working area and sound reputation in national and international arena. Besides this, among those youths who went for working in Hotel and Tourism industries in abroad, many have been successful in their respective jobs and one of our youths have been able to secure managerial position in a Hotel industry in Austria. In general, leaving some unavoidable exceptions, our integrated youths are living above average life in Nepal too.

Being the oldest and possibly the largest Youth Village in Nepal, total of 107 youths both girls and boys are in care under this youth Village at present. Total of 35 youths (Boys) are staying within SOS Youth Village and other 31 youth (Boys) are living in the rented flat, making a small group of boys and in the location of their best convenience. Similarly, 41 Youths (Girls) are under the care of SOS Youth Village Koteshwor with its girl's unit in Baneshwor, Kathmandu.Out of 41 girls, 15 are staying within the Girls' House and rest are staying in the rented flat in the location of their convenience.