SOS Vocational Training Center

SOS Ceramic Training workshop was established in 1982. Since then it has been conducting skill development training on pottery, for the last two and half decades, to uplift the living standard of Potter’s of Thimi and Bhaktapur. It runs FREE short term and long term Ceramic training programs to promote the Pottery profession which includes theoretical and practical classes, for the overall information and knowledge of Pottery craft. It also has hobby classes for SLC appeared students and for class 6 & 7 students from SOS Hermann Gmeiner School Sanothimi. This is one of the craft which can be taken up as full time profession as well as part time hobby. Its main objective is to produce skill manpower on pottery sector.

"Every child belongs to a family and grows with love, respect and security." It is the vision of the SOS Children's Village Organization. To meet this vision it provides home and family care to those children who have lost their families to care for them. Many children are at risk of losing the parental care and are deprived of basic facilities advocated by UNCRC due to the severe poverty of the family, death of a caring parent, family breakdown, violence and other social problems. To prevent the children from this situation, SOS Children's Village has started Family Strengthening Programme realizing the fact and the right of children that they must be able to grow up with in their biological family set-up.

It supports such families of local community to build the capacity to take care for their children by themselves through step by step process with proper family development plan; by joining hands with individuals, families, local communities, local authorities and other relevant partners.

SOS Children's Village Sanothimi pioneered this programme as a “Family Support” work from 1994 to address the problems of the children who came to the door of the organization but could not be accommodated within the Village programme. Realizing the vulnerability of their right to protection, nutrition and development, SOS Children's Village Sanothimi initiated the community help programme basically to avoid “The abandonment of the vulnerable children with widow mothers”. At that time such families were supported with food, educational cost, medical treatment and house repair and renovation assistance.

Family Strengthening Programme Sanothimi organizes orientation program on child right issues and the Child Protection policy of SOS umbrella organization to the family heads of the children under the programme. A committee, from among the family heads, has been formed to make the self-help group effective. This committee works for saving and fund collection to provide short term loans to its members. Some of the members have been provided opportunity to have a tailoring training offered by Small Scale Industrial Training Centre of the government of Nepal. Similarly some financial assistance has been provided to the beneficiary stakeholders to enhance their vegetable farming.