SOS Hermann Gmeiner School Sanothimi

SOS Hermann Gmeiner School Sanothimi was established in 1973 with a prime motto of providing best possible quality education. It is named after the pious name of Prof. Hermann Gmeiner, the founding Father of SOS Children's Village International. This school is one of the ancillary facilities of SOS Children's Village Nepal and of course, the pioneer one in the development of SOS Hermann Gmeiner Schools in Nepal.The school  is located in Sanothimi, adjacent to the SOS Children’s Village Sanothimi. A road, leading from Kathmandu to the historical city Bhaktapur, passes by the school. It is approximately 10 km east from the centre of the capital. The location is very beautiful.  The city of Kathmandu and  a range of  snow-capped mountains can be viewed from the school area. The climate is pleasant here round the year. It occupies about 40 ropanies of land including  secondary and primary wings. The primary level and secondary level are separately located to the either side of SOS Children’s Village. The site was donated by the Nepalese government. In the 1970s, Sanothimi was in a rather rural set-up, but now it has become a part of city. There are many educational institutions and all most all departments under ministry of education. It will be appropriate to term this area as an Academic Estate.

This school was Initially established as an elementary school with 75 students and almost all SOS Children. As per the changed  policy of SOS Children’s Village and the acute need of the local community, the school started moving towards its upgrading and expansion. Until 2045 (1989 A.D.) it was only a lower secondary school , then it was upgraded to the secondary school. The first batch of the students appeared the SLC Examination in 2047 B.S.(1991 A.D.) . It remained upto the secondary level for some years . In 2054 B.S. (1998A.D.)  the school was again upgraded to the higher secondary level. Because of the thriving    reputation of the school, the flow and pressure for admission tremendously raised and it was especially true in case of  the higher secondary level. As to address the need and demand of the aspiring and deserving students, arrangement of additional classes both in class XI and XII was made in 2006. Now  it is a full-fledged secondary school, in its full capacity,  with 825 students and 66 teaching and non-teaching staff. This school caters the children from Nursery (4+) to class 12 (18+).

New admission is normally taken in Nursery, Class VI and Class XI. The children, between the age of 31/2 and 41/2  and only from the local community , are admitted in Nursery. A written examination is conducted to select the students for class VI , but the priority is still for the local community children who can come to school on their own without using school vehicles. Entrance examination for class XI is like a national event.Around 1500 students with distinction or above 70 % of marks in the SLC Examination sit for the admission.  However, the seat limit in class XI is 80 and the same students continue in class XII. Entrance examinations for Nursery and class VI are generally held in the first week of Chaitra i.e. third week of March every year. Similarly, the admission for class XI is announced after the declaration of the results of SLC Examination. Priority is given to the students from the feeder community and especially to those who are socially and economically down-trodden. Girls, Dalits, conflict victim children and physically challenged children do get preference. Educational Scholarship is also granted on these grounds.

From the very inception, this school has maintained its educational standard. It has been gradually upgraded from an elementary level  to a higher secondary level. So far it has excellent record in the national level examinations like School Leaving Certificate and Higher secondary level examinations. This school has been now an established name in the educational field of Nepal. High flow of students willing to find the places at this school every year clearly indicates the importance of this institution in this region.
So far 19 batches of students in the SLC Examination and 11 batches in the higher secondary level have been passed out.   Many of the students passed out of this school have been pursuing further education in different fields like medicine, engineering, law, commerce and education. Some of them have already started job, both in and out of the country,  and have shown outstanding performance in their respective areas.  It does not mean that we have gained the perfection in our academic performance.  From the academic point of view,  the students are of different ability level having big diversity. Various remedial measures are exercised  to address their specific needs.   It has been the utmost  effort of the school to prepare competent , honest and hardworking  citizens of the nation.

School provides enough opportunity for the students  to foster their talents in co-curricular activities like :  sports ,painting, Music, dance and other  events.  Students have the access of sports and music. The facilities in sports include volleyball, football, basketball, table tennis and badminton. Similarly gymnastic and tae-kwan-do are taught to the students as martial arts. Musical Instruments like keyboard, violin, guitar, harmonium etc. are taught at school. Extra curricular activities are considered as the integral part of curriculum at this school. To exercise and enable the innate potentiality of the students, the provision of house division is in continuation and inter house activities are held in a regular basis.  It has helped the students to reveal their potentiality, primarily within school and out of the school subsequently.Many a times the students have bagged prizes, medal and certificates in these areas.  It is worth to  mention that very recently  the Gymnastic team from this school took part in the National Game 2009 . Rabin Thapa, 10th grader, won the gold medal in the event and Kirtika received silver medal. Similarly, our school stood in the second position in the President Cup Running Shield organized in Bhaktapur

The society has been fast changing with high competition and complexity. To meet the challenge of the contemporary society we have to update ourselves with all the means and ways. As such, the school is ready to develop it as a Learning Organization where the internal knowledge can be managed in an efficient and effective way and external knowledge and technology  is welcomed as per the need and change of the society.  As we are part of the society, the diverse situation of the society has to be accepted and addressed. In this regard, the essence of Inclusive Education is being gradually introduced in this school. It is, however, matter of happiness and pride to be under the umbrella of SOS Children's Village International so that many friends and well-wishers from various parts of the world have joined hands to run and extend this school successfully. In the society like ours where quality education is beyond the afford of ordinary people , SOS Hermann Gmeiner School has a unique and important role, though in a small scale,   to provide a conducive educational environment for SOS children and the children from the community around.