SOS Youth Facility Kavre

Upon completing school level education (and after passing the School Leaving Certificate Examinations) and/or after they become sixteen years old, children move to SOS Youth Facility Kavre (YF Kavre) where they live in a semi-independent setup.  In YF Kavre, young adults are supervised and supported by professional counselors and educationists to ensure that they are offered adequate plus best possible education and training opportunities available in the country to make them employable and financially self-reliant.  
Counselors and educationists visit young adults regularly to ensure that:  
  •  They are able to select the college /university to match each individual’s ability and interest.
  •   They are doing well in terms of physical health, socialization and emotional well-being and that they are making good academic progress and follow the rules and regulations of their colleges/universities.
  •  They are able to identify prospective employers to get hired in the profession/vocation of their choice based on their expertise and experience.
YF Kavre started it operation in a rented apartment in Kathmandu from July 2006. Currently young adults live in 23 locations which include rented apartments, flats and officially hired facilities.  Many of them have gone to study abroad in developed nations such as Germany, France, Australia and Japan by winning scholarships assistance of the respective colleges /universities.  Majority of them are working in Nepal and abroad and have become financially self-sustained. As of July 2015, seventy-five of them are pursuing higher studies in Nepalese colleges and universities to prepare themselves as future workforce. In a way vision of our organization that our young adults perceive themselves as global citizens has been transforming into reality.