SOS Children's Village Kavre

Established in 1997 at Panauti – 2 Shreekhandapur, Kavre (next to Information Technology Park and opposite to Kathmandu University) in order to cater the needs of children and young adults without parental care from the central region of the country, SOS Children’s Village Kavre (CV Kavre) is the seventh major programme of SOS Children’s Villages Nepal.  CV Kavre consists of fourteen SOS Families, SOS Youth Facility Kavre, SOS Hermann Gmeiner Higher Secondary School Kavre and SOS Social Center Kavre. Various emergency programmes such as Child Care Spaces, Livelihood Programmes and Family Strengthening Programmes are also under operation as ‘Emergency Programs’ to support the victims of Great Earthquake of April 25, 2015.

SOS Children’s Village Kavre
Main reason behind the establishment of CV Kavre was that SOS Children’s Village Sanothimi was under pressure to take in the growing number of needy children from the Kathmandu Valley beyond its capacity.  Many families broke, cases of post-delivery death rose high because of financial hardship in many working families due to the closure of carpet and garment factories around in 1995.  Considering this scenario, SOS Children’s Villages Nepal thought of establishing CV Kavre.  It came into operation in November 1997, became a full-fledged programme in 1998 and was officially inaugurated by Late King Birendra in March 1999.  As of July 2015, 146 children are living in 14 SOS Families and they are offered care plus educational, emotional, social and health related support by 20 professional SOS Mothers and Aunts.  Major strengths of CV Kavre are:
  • Children and young adults are treated with dignity and are offered possible individualized support with a view  to nurturing their physical, social, emotional and intellectual dimensions.
  •  Adequate care, education and health related opportunities are offered to children for their proper upbringing and overall personality development.
  •  Meaningful participation of children is ensured through clubs (e.g. Creative Child Club, Sports Club, Music Club, etc.), social and cultural activities.   
  • Children and young adults are offered leadership development programmes and counseling sessions (both emotional and educational) in order to enhance their self-esteem and to pave their way toward self-reliance.    
  •  SOS Mothers, teachers and coworkers work together in a culture of ‘cooperation and collaboration’ in order to make children and young adults better citizens.
Emergency Programmes
In the context the Great Earthquake of April 25, 2015 and its aftershocks have killed around 9000 people, destroyed 500,000 homes and 32,000 classrooms creating needs of humanitarian assistance for 2.8 million people, SOS Children’s Villages Nepal has initiated various relief programmes which include rehabilitation, livelihood and reconstruction activities. CV Kavre is working carrying on these activities in three districts (Kavre, Sindhupalchok and Dolakha).  
We have so far established Relief Camp for the injured at Dhulikhel, Kavre in collaboration with the Nepal Army.  We set up Child Care Spaces (CCS) in areas where the earthquake damage was too high and majority of them are running well.  We have been enrolling children for Kinship Care with adequate families; Livelihood Programs are launched for people without any source of income.  Planning is underway for reconstruction of houses in the two most devastated villages of Dolakha and Sindhupalchok for which we are waiting the government’s approval.  
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  • SOS Youth Facility Kavre

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