SOS Children's Village Jorpati

SOS Children’s Village Jorpati is 6 Kilo Meter away from Tribhuvan International Airport and 7 Kilo Meter from the heart of Kathmandu city toward the northeast corner. On the way you can get a glimpse of two thousand years old South Asia’s biggest Stupa “BOUDHANATH”, one of the world heritage sites. It is situated inside the premises of Nepal Disable Association.

In 1975 UNITED NATIONS purposed to dedicate the year 1981 for the people with disabilities and requested to its member nations to prepare special programs to organise various events to support and enhance exclusively the rights of people with disabilities. As a leading organization of the nation, Nepal Disable Association designed various programs for its stakeholders as per the age group and types of their disabilities.For the children, they planned to set a facility within the premises of Khagendra Nawajeevan Kendra and purposed this noble idea to SOS Kinderdorf International through SOS Children’s Village Nepal. As a result of acceptance by SOS-Kinderdorf International and after a special agreement between two bodies, this Village came into existence.

The construction work was started in 1979 AD. It was jointly inaugurated by Prof. Dr. Hermann Gmeiner, the Founder father of SOS Children’s Village and the chief guest and the then patron of NDA princess Shanti Rajya Laxmi Devi Singh in 1982.It was started with 3 family houses, 24 children and 3 mothers. Experiencing the problems of children with disabilities, another house came into operation and the capacity of each house was also increased to 10 children.Due to the difficulties faced by the mothers in raising the children with intellectual disability and other physically challenged children together, another house was built for children with intellectual disability and youths taking concern of all the requirements of these special people at that house in 2001 AD.
Knowing its capacity and the caring experiences of Mothers and Aunts at the village, some of intellectually disabled children and youths from other SOS Children’s Villages of the country have been transferred into this Village over a period of time. In five family houses children are living together as good community members. Most of the children and youths attend regular school in the neighbourhood.For the newcomers, an in-house school is being operated and main motto of this school is to prepare them in their formal school-class according to age. And, in majority of the cases, the children have to go for the major operations and corrective surgery for a long period of time, in this period they miss their regular classes unwillingly. Hence, in-house school helps them to re-cover their missed classes and avoid hampering their regular progression into the education.

Family Strengthening Program/SOS Hermann Gmeiner Scholarship

Since nineties, SOS children’s Village Jorpati is bearing the responsibility of family strengthening by supporting them in different fields such as education, health and socialization. SOS Children’s Village’s responsibilities towards the deprived families to strengthening them are never ending.

Hence it strongly makes specific plans and programs to reach up to the doors of the vulnerable families in the time of their needs, by providing the needed valuable support in maintaining the tie-up in their family. It is the joint mission of it with SOS Children’s Village Sanothimi, but SOS Children’s Village Jorpati is focusing mainly on the family of people with disabilities.