SOS Social Centre Itahari

SOS Social Centre corporately carries out majority community-based programs for the underprivileged families, children and women living in its vicinity. Here is the focus on its different projects separately:

1. Day- Care Facility

The Day care facility is typically operated for the children below four years from extremely poor families from around SOS Itahari. The poor working parents earning their daily meal leave their little kids in the day care centre for the whole day where they are cared by nurses and baby sitters. The Day care children are provided with nutritious meal, clothes, early childhood education as well as games and entertainment.The Day care children are given scholarship in different schools once they reach the schooling age. About 70 children are being cared at a time in this center.

2.Medical Centre

A well-equipped dispensary, in SOS Complex Itahari with two doctors' visit provides pre and post-natal care, Counseling to the children and pregnant women from the local communities. Doctors' visit and nursing care have been benefiting to the SOS children and outer community. Besides this it provides immunization, free distribution of contraceptives, sterilization service, and vaccination too.

3.Skill Development Centre;

Skill development centre caters a thorough six months training which assists the trainees to gain command over Cutting / sewing/ painting/ embroidery handloom and knitting. About 35 ladies from vicinities attend the training in each batch.

4. Others:

Apart from aforesaid projects and programs SOS Itahari has been supporting many fatherless families. They are being provided with monthly family budget and scholarship to the children at different schools in their respective villages. Similarly SOS Itahari has extended helping hand to many students for their schooling under scholarship scheme.