SOS Youth Facility Gandaki

It is the ancillary project run under the SOS Children’s Village Gandaki. The main objective of the project is to support the children in integration and self sustain once the they come to this stage of adolescent. There when they pass the SLC or are not younger than 14 years can move to the SOS Youth Facility.

The nature and the form of help being different between the girls may continue their pre-university course even staying in the SOS Family house if there is enough room for them.The Boy’s Facility and Girls Facility are run separately. The former is running in a corner inside the SOS Children’s Village Gandaki while the later is outside, some four kilometers away from the SOS Children’s Village Gandaki, in the rented flats.Though in different places, they both deal with the same trades. Both the boys and girls stay there and attend schools and colleges. Together with education, they also learn life skills and trainings which may help them to their day to day house hold chorus and lead a respectful life once they leave the village.

They also do their cooking, cleaning, shopping, washing and all other house hold chorus themselves so that they could manage themselves on their own after integration. They all are guided, counseled and observed by the best possible youths who are their immediate supervisor, leader, guardian and a model person. They are now handled with care and delicate and slowing leading toward their integration empowering with the required skills and knowledge. They are, therefore, encouraged to make more and more friends and visit their homes, to participate in the community activities, join and local clubs other than visiting their biological parents and keens.  They are also encouraged to learn the working procedures if the local administration. They will get their citizenship and other documents made by the authorities with the help of their biological parents. They will know the way of finding jobs combined with the system of applying for job and so many others. They are helped to realize their importance and realize their self steam and importance. When the Youth are able to make their own means is the milestone of our work-to say how successful we have been in our mission just looking into their integration