SOS Social Center Gandaki

Various activities like in favor of child rights and support the children direly needy children other than admitting in the village are carried through its Ancillary Projects. The main objectives of this projects is to support the SOS like children who are in dire need of SOS Support but can’t be admitted into to SOS Children’s Village, who are in the risk of separating from their parents and the slogan that –ALL THE CHILDREN OF THIS WORLD ARE OUR CHILDREN and to pass on the message to the local community.To attain this objectives various programs like providing scholarship to the children who are would deprive of it in the our run SOS Hermann Gmeiner School Gandaki and other Government Schools, providing Day Care Facility to the deserving labor class families, provide them three times well cooked balanced food, teach their parents the techniques and  methods to grow their children in healthy hygienic environment, provide them medical support, train the selected deserving parents with family  support so that the child could live with their parents i.e. creating child friendly environment in the family, support the parent, train the parents with income generating skills so that they could earn and support the children, to enrich the government bodies in the community which in turn support and facilitate the children, counsel advice and guide the parents in favor of children which otherwise were sure to deprive of parental care and love. This project deals with preventive measures to stop the children being deprived of, uncared, destitute and discriminated. Moreover, it shoulders in creating Child Friendly community and the message and method of child care / ensures child rights and develop awareness program in favor of children.