SOS Children's Village Gandaki

SOS Children’s Village Gandaki, the second largest SOS Children’s Village in Nepal is situated in Pokhara, a beautiful touristy valley, about 200 kilometer west from Kathmandu, the capital city of Nepal. It is located just near to Pokhara Sports Stadium on the left of Prithwi Highway and the East of Pokhara Airport.The village was established in the generous support of Libelle and their Readers in Holland especially to provide home and support to the floodvictims of this region. In 1980s there were severe landslides in and around this region. Red Cross and other social organizations organized various supportive programs to help the victims as immediate supports.Red Cross had established a temporary home for the victims in a small rented home in Pokhara. Realizing that such temporary support would not be enough, the Red Cross turned to SOS -Kinderdorf International to do the best possible long term support for the flood victims. SOS, finding it rightly reasonable, decided to run the permanent village. The program was generously supported by Libelle and their Readers in Holland. It was officially opened by Her Royal Highness Queen Aishwarya Rajya Laxmi Devi Shaha the then Queen and the First Lady of Nepal in March 6, 1981 AD.It consists of 15 family houses, meeting all required minimum standards as per the set up of Nepal Government. 15 mothers 7 aunts and 13 supporting staff are jointly engaged in the care of 152, the most deserving needy children.

SOS Children’s Village Gandaki is doing its untiring efforts to bring Dr. Hermann Gmeiner’s(Founding father of SOS– Kinderdorf International), dream– to provide the needy destitute children a future and fortune into reality. It has been working long hard job in providing such children long-termed,family based care withfull care and security.His wish to grow them up in such environment and make them able to lead self sufficient life, and ultimately enable them to lead a respectful life in their respective community, has been our one and only objective.  Likewise his wish that not any child is discriminated on his / her birth, castes, creed, color, faith and any other social status, is honestly observed in our work and deeds.We are also consciously working hard in creating child centered place where children enjoy their rights, feel secured and one concern one another where they could feel they belong to someone. Children once admitted here, are no more suffering and their previous scars of sufferings are well healed. Most possible measures/ways, techniques and alike have been applied and practiced, as far as possible. In its year’s long service, it has experienced so many ups and downs and has gained  a lot to share with other as good or bad examples. Sometimes we can’t celebrate the success of Ninety –nine children out of one hundred even if only of them is failed! We  are happy to see that so far more than 350 children brought up in our care are leading respectful married life in their respective society as per the expectation of Late Dr. Hermann Gmeiner. Not only are we happy but also their children , spouses, relatives and neighbors are proud of getting such a nursed, cultivate and trained wife/husband, parents, neighbors and so one.They are also serving as SOS messengersthus trying to create the SOS expected society in their reach and communities.

To attain these goals the following activities are carried besides its routine works. Child friendly environment: the first and the foremost initiation has been made to ensure the child friendly environment in the SOS Children’s Village Gandaki. Every child is aware of his / their rights and responsibilities together with the dos and don’t they should have done for their betterment. So are all the Youths for their role in creating such favorable situation.
All the staffs together with the mother and aunts engaged for the purpose are well informed on child rights, its standard and form as per the most recently passed and accepted standard by SOS Kinderdorf International Child Safety is everyone’s concern is principally accepted and practically practiced. It is the model leading exemplary center for all those who long for.Explore inborn natural talents: Together with safe brought up, efforts have been made to explore their hidden inherit talents and develop them to the best possible summit. Open free environment has been maintained. They are facilitated with various sports and recreational activities. They are free to develop their hobbies, encouraged in activities as per their talents and interest. With a careful watch on their activities and interest we explore their talent and encourage them to develop it.  Minute observations on their interest and feed back and encouragements made by the seniors, has filled our children  to develop their activities to their ultimate summit thus make it part and parcel of integration.

Advice / Knowledge on professional careers

In order to acknowledge our children on various professions and careers, we provide them such opportunities when they can come across it. We invite the exports from various professional careers and let them hear from them on their profession. Similarly, we provide them to see them in their work and also facilitate them to visit the successful profession at his work. This helps them to choose the profession at their aptitudes and ability.

Guidance on Social norms/ values and life-skills

To ensure that a child entrusted into our care is well developed – he is mentally, socially, emotionally and ethnically sound and intact, we bring into various activities. They are encouraged to develop their physique; they learn and come into etiquettes, religious customs and so on. They are encouraged to make more and more local friends. They are also encouraged to visit their families and observe their social activities. On occasions they are escorted by their mothers/ Aunts and staffs in their homes and involved in various such activities. They are encouraged to join in the clubs and make their local clubs and conduct several activities themselves. They are encouraged to involve into various community activities. They are also encouraged to visit their biological friends and relatives so as they could grow naturally. Our sole attempt is grow natural ways.We make sure that they are in with all the skills and manners as per the timely demand and wished by the society; they are properly updated. As far as possible leaving learning situation is carefully observed so that they come across the ways they should have followed once they are integrated in the society. Lead in creating Child Friendly world / Children safety and security is every one’s concern / Pass on the Message that all the Children of this World are our children: We aim in creating child friendly world where no child is deprived of any thing and no child is discriminated / spoilt and everyone is living with their loving parents and so on…… To attain this objective, SOS Children’s Village Gandaki carries out carious activities. All the children of this world are our children but it is impossible to admit all those in the SOS Children’s Village. Moreover, if we don’t apply any preventive measures, we will never be able to create a child friendly environment. In attaining this objective what we should be doing is to apply preventive measures in risk prone families. We have therefore providing the best possibly needy support to those children with scholarship, Day Care Service, medical facilities and Family Support. We also select a area where we can develop child centered facilities either by providing scholarship, providing family support, supporting in their Government based infrastructures and so on. We can also help and create the child friendly community by educating their parents, providing those economic generating skills and even counseling and mediating between the parents. This program falls on our target community and families where children are deprived and uncared out of poverty, ignorance and alike.

Personal Counseling and Remedial and Personal Tuition

Besides, formal schooling, we manage for special coaching and personal tuitions for the deserving children so that they could cope with the rest of the students in case they are lagging behind. Timely counseling is carried out for the needy children by its experts. Time and often, child experts and socio-psychologist are also invited for the counseling. Careful vigilance has been made so that not any child has been facing any problems as far as possible; no problems have grown out our means. In case of that we invite the experts as per necessary. Proper arrangement has been made to guide the child with their home works. Classes on the importance of planned academic life and are organized on regular basis. It has helped to maintain discipline and make the children serious about their education and to develop positive attitude on teachers and elders.

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