SOS Children's Village Dhangadhi

SOS Children’s Village Dhangadhi, the tenth SOS Children’s Village in Nepal, is established in 2015 at Attariya Municipality- 11 Kailali which is 1.5 KM West from the airport. It lies between Attariya and Dhangadhi which are crucial cities for business and educational opportunities in cities of the Far Western Development Region. Dhangadhi itself is the headquarter of Kailali district and had road access to the different parts of the country along with daily air service from the capital city, Kathmandu.

SOS Children’s Village Dhangadhi (CV Dhangadhi) consists of twelve family houses with the capacity of 120 children. All the children are nurtured with all the basic standards required to become a successful, independent and self-reliant citizen by providing them care plus emotional, cultural, social, moral, psychological and education related supports by 15 SOS mothers and aunts. It occupies the area of 0.25047 hectares.

The cornerstone laying ceremony of SOS CV Dhangadhi was held on October 4, 2013 and the village was officially initiated on February 4, 2015.  Similarly, CV Dhangadhi was formally inaugurated by Mr. Helmut Kutin, Honorary President, SOS Kinderdorf International on 2nd October 2015. There was the eminent presence of Miss Shubha Murti, the International Director, Region-Asia, Prof. Dr. Bishwo Keshar Maskey, the president, Board of SOS Children's Villages Nepal and Mr. Shree Shankar Pradhananga, National Director, SOS Children’s Villages Nepal. The program was chaired by Mr. Mohan Bahadur Chapagain, former Chief District Officer, District Administration Office Kailali.

Within the short span of its establishment, CV Dhangadhi has reflected the positive impact on the lives of the local community. The Social Centre has formally launched Community based Family Strengthening Program (FSP) to support the target group children (children either semi or complete orphan) on 7th May 2016. Under community based module of FSP, it has started its service at Ghodaghodi Municipality-08, Kailali which is 55 Km east from CV Dhangadhi. It is supporting 20 children from 10 families.

CV Dhangadhi was established basically to spread its service to the Far western part of the country and to serve the needy children. Far West is lagging behind in every sector of the development, most of the people are far away from the main stream development of the country. Similarly, early marriage, domestic family conflicts, girls' trafficking, child labor, etc. are also some of the emerging issues of this region. Due to the existence of superstitious beliefs in some parts of the region, there is high Crude Birth Rate (CBR), high maternal and child mortality rate and high fertility rate. Similarly, occurrence of gender and caste based discrimination, high prevalence of HIV/AIDs, and diverse climatic condition are also some of the major challenges of this region.

This region is also prone to natural disaster such as floods, landslides, and forest fires. Every year during the monsoon season, floods affect thousands of people in Terai and landslides triggered by rains cause serious damage in the hill and mountain areas which results many children to live a miserable life in the absent of their caretaker and home. Considering this fact, SOS Children’s Villages Nepal found worthy to run SOS Children’s Village Dhangadhi in Far Western Development region.