Components of Family Based Care System at SOS Children’s Villages:

A Loving Home 
A loving home at SOS Children’s Villages provides a sense of security and belongingness. Children grow and learn their responsibilities together sharing the happy and sorrows moments with each other. Their loves and bonding strengthens the ties between the members and beautify the home.
A Loving Mother/Aunt
In every home, there is a mother who ties the mutual bonding of the family. She builds up close relationship with every child and the children trusted her. She provides love, stability and security as parent of the family. She lives together with the children, guides them, teaches them and runs her household chore independently like the natural family. She respects the background, culture root and religion of each child.
Brother Sisters 
All the children of a home live together as natural brother and sister, sharing and caring to each other. They are like natural brother and sisters who celebrates different festivals together, builds emotional bonding that ties them for the lifetime.  
The Village – A Child friendly community:
SOS Children’s Village is a village where SOS families live together sharing and caring each other, forming a supportive environment. SOS families tie grows naturally as they share their experiences and helping hands to each other in needs. They are also the contributing members of the local community. The children in the village grow with love and respect, caring and sharing each other’s happy and sorrows together.