Emergency Response

With more than four decades of experience working in the country as a member association of SOS Children’s Villages International (a not-for-profit humanitarian organization committed to care, safety and the welfare of children and young people without parental care and the ones from vulnerable circumstances) SOS Children’s Villages Nepal initiates and implements emergency programmes in difficult times such as floods, earthquakes, draughts and conflicts.  Our history reveals that such responses were timely and effective because of the organization’s international experience in emergency programmes and its strong local base plus its values such as courage and commitment to work for children and their families in need.    
We focus on children and young people both in our regular activities and emergency operations. We are guided by the principles of humanity, neutrality, impartiality and independence whenever or wherever we take emergency actions to protect humanity and humankind.   

Floods of 1976
Kaski and Syangja from Western Nepal were badly affected by the floods of 1977. Many people lost their lives; others lost their homes, cattle and properties.  Considerable number of children lost their parents. As a result SOS Children’s Village Gandaki was established to take in those children and to offer them care, safety and development opportunities in order to ensure a life of dignity.      

Earthquake of 1988
With its epicenter near the Indian Border, Earthquake of 1998 caused a major damage in Dhankuta, Dharan, Itahari, Bhaktapur and Kavre - Banepa. Existing SOS Children’s Villages offered temporary care to children who lost their parents. Since we realized that existing infrastructure and human resource were not sufficient to continue supporting them, we established SOS Children’s Village Itahari in the Eastern Region, mainly to take in those children.

Internal Conflict (1996 – 2006)
The ten year internal conflict killed many people of the working age, affected the economy and made many children parentless. Considerable number of women lost their husband and they were left to survive without regular income and a skill to survive.  Our organization addressed these issues by establishing SOS Children’s Villages in Kavre, Bharatpur, Lumbini and Kailali and by consolidating our Family Strengthening Programme (FSP) in order to support vulnerable families; mainly financially humble woman-headed families. This programme was proved effective (and still is) to prevent children from abandonment.
  • The Koshi Flood 2008

    The Koshi Flood of 2008 killed many people, swept away homes, schools, cattle and farming land. We were there to support children by establishing Child Care Spaces (Child Care Centers), helping many of them to reunite with their parents and taking the ones who had lost both parents in SOS Families for long term care and support. more…
  • The Big Earthquake 2015

    SOS Children’s Villages Nepal was possibly the first among international organizations to enter Relief Operations in the districts severely ravaged by the Big Earthquake of April 2015 and its aftershocks. more…