Hermann Gmeiner Higher Secondary Schools

SOS Hermann Gmeiner Higher Secondary Schools are established at seven projects of SOS Children's Villages Nepal to equip children in our care at SOS Children's Village and those from wider surrounding communities with the skills required to be able to find a dignified place in the society with innovative mind, knowledge, aptitude of hope and tolerance and character necessary to be a good human being through quality education. Our academic programs prepare students for university and seek to instill a sense of social responsibility and commitment to the development of nation.

For all our actions (e.g. care, education, health, advocacy, capacity building of the caregivers, etc.) we serve to the children at risk of losing parental care or who have already lost it. Moreover, children from the communities we work in and whose rights to education are violated are also the parts of our target group.

Access to quality education for the holistic development of all children
  • The mission of the school is to promote the development of affirmative social norms and values, peace, professional knowledge, critical thinking skills, communication, interpersonal skills and technical skills among its stakeholders.
  • This is also to support students to integrate themselves socially, economically, politically and culturally into their society by developing positive human qualities.
  • The school system works in creating such an organizational culture which prepares and encourages competent professionals to offer high quality, up-to-date and relevant contributions in primary, secondary and tertiary level of education.
  • provide quality child-centered education from basic to higher secondary levels with a view to promoting their relevant and potential knowledge and skills in order to ensure that they are properly equipped to meet their basic and contemporary socio-economic, linguistic, scientific and educational needs so as to lead a dignified life;
  • promote equity and social justice along with enhancing lifelong learning and learning for life;
  • prepare higher secondary level students for tertiary education and/or make them saleable as middle level human resources in the job market with a variety of skills;
  • support students in possessing necessary knowledge, skills, attitude and other human qualities (i.e. honesty, trustworthiness, helpfulness, patience, hard-work etc.) which enable them to lead a responsible and independent life in the society of any parts of the world they may settle in future.
SOS Hermann Gmeiner Schools in Nepal
  1. SOS Hermann Gmeiner School Sanothimi
  2. SOS Hermann Gmeiner School Pokhara
  3. SOS Hermann Gmeiner School Gandaki
  4. SOS Hermann Gmeiner School Itahari
  5. SOS Hermann Gmeiner School Surkhet
  6. SOS Hermann Gmeiner School Kavre
  7. SOS Hermann Gmeiner School Bharatpur