Day Care Center

Every child needs a stimulating and sound academic environment for early development. But due to the poverty in Nepal, the children of working class people are deprived of getting care and inspiring environment. They are left alone at home, neglected or cared with pressure. Hence, Day Care Centers run by SOS Children's Villages are giving space to those children whose parents (both father and mother) have to do manual work and belong to below poverty line.

Along with providing nutritious food and care, these centers aim to develop such children's social, mental and motor skills in a playful learning environment. The teaching methods employed, and the games and the toys used at these centers are based on the educational theories of Friedrich Fröbel and Maria Montessori. Due account is taken of the cultural requirements of the country concerned and the teaching is tailored to the local culture. All such activities prepare these children to join elementary class or formal education at schools.