Training on Mushroom Farming

SOS Children’s Village Lumbini conducted two days Mushroom Farming Training to the beneficiaries of Family Strengthening Program under income generating activities.
The objective of the training was to provide the income generating skill to the beneficiaries. The former mushroom farming trainee facilitated the training camp for two days.  
“We hope to make our beneficiaries self-sustainable. For this, mushroom farming is one of the best cash crops. So, we organized the training to the women of the local community. Similarly, we selected our beneficiaries who are doing the best in the mushroom farming as the resource person to motivate and encourage the trainee,” said Jyotsna Rana, coordinator of Family Strengthening Program Lumbini.
The programme started with a short video related with mushroom farming. After watching the video participants washed straw and left for overnight under the guidance of three trainers. On the next day, they boiled straw and filled seeds in the plastic bag. They were excited to learn mushroom farming.
“I am excited to grow basket of mushrooms in my home for my children as well as for selling purpose. This training has sharpened my skills,” said one of the beneficiaries of the programme.
“Last time I was here as a trainee. I learned to grow mushrooms and now I am here as a trainer. I am happy and excited to share my experience and skills with my friends,” said Sangita Yadav, one of the trainers of this training camp.
Sangita remembers her past when she hardly used to talk with the people. “This training has increased my confidence level. Now, I can share my experience with anyone. For this, my husband calls me 'Mastarni' teacher,” said Sangita and laughed out loudly.