SOS Youth facility Biratnagar organized a one day awareness program to youths on the topic “SELF DEFENSE ORIENTATION PROGRAM” on 6th Feb 2016. Police Inspector Mr. Kishor Lamsal and his team of Biratnagar were invited as resource persons. The program was based on the techniques and tips to get escape from the immediate problems arrived and to defense or struggle with the situation. 30 youths(Boys & Girls) 5 staff members took part in the training.

Youths had a lot of curiosity that they put forward to the trainers which were answered in very simple way to understand. In the middle of the session, one of the youths asked about the situations that the Nepal Police have to use the weapons. The permissions and the conditions they have to bear while ruling the gun. The other youth was interested to know about the types of guns are being used by Nepal Police and so on.

During 3 hours session, different topics were included.  Mr. Lamsal gave a general sharing about the Nepal Police and their duties & responsibilities towards the community.  Similarly, our youths learned the importance of discipline in human life,  what to do & whom to call for help in critical situations, cyber-crime and the result on practicing of ex-changing sim cards with their friends.

 In the closing session, Deputy Director Parnita Basnet thanked the training team for the successful program.  Mr. Lamsal expressed his happiness and gratitude for the opportunity of interaction with the youths.  

Mr. Lamsal says, “Self Defense Training is very much essential especially to the new generation youths to defense or struggle with the current situations.”.