Sanitation Program

On 4th November 2015, at Doghara-4 Village Sanitation Program was conducted with close collaboration with CBO (Community Based Organization). This program was conducted on the occasion of Tihar festival. As according to our culture on this festival cleanliness is the most important.
 Early morning every one gathers in one common place with broom in hand. It was good to see our non-beneficiaries families as well. Sanitation begun from the entrance of Village. All the villagers then begun to sweep the road. One was leading the entire group and she was holding big and long broom. She said- “I will sweep the middle part and throw all the dirty and dust in bank of road then you other gather it. Same process goes on and it somehow became easy for everyone. We distributed mask to them. This program became more worthy by the presence of the honorable person of village; their presence and encouragement add enthusiasm level to us. They expressed their happiness and congratulated us for organizing such program. They said they are ready to help and be part of such program in future.