A step toward youth employability

SOS Children’s Villages Nepal partners with Makarios Pvt. Ltd. in collaboration with KOICA for a project to empower young people grown up in an SOS Family-like Care as they embark on their careers and become self-reliant. This training provides an opportunity to learn 3D Animation, 2D Animation, 3D Modeling, Character Design, Game Design, 3D Rendering, Commercials, Full Length Films, Architectural Floor Plans, to begin their career as a foundation necessary for a bright future.

Dinesh 20 years old youth from SOS Children’s Village Jorpati logged in desktop computer and opened Nuke software. He uploaded some raw footages from the archive and started using his one hand in the mouse and next to the key pads.

After a few minutes, he dragged one small frame in the working section and started to zoom in and out depending on the need.

“I have been learning animation for four months. Currently, I am doing Roto Scoping. It’s a basic part of VFX,” says Dinesh.

Dinesh is a part of the video editing and animation programme supported by KOICA project and implemented by Makarios. Like Dinesh, there are 10 other young people learning this skill to shape their future.

“The main objective of this collaboration is to provide young people with opportunities to acquire skills and prepare themselves for the changing trends of employment market. Given the high unemployment rate in the country, our youths need to be aware of the latest trends of job market and they need to acquire additional skills to be competitive to get a decent employment for their professional growth and career development,” shares  Dr. Ganga Gurung, National Education and Employment Coordinator.

Dinesh is a student of law doing higher secondary education. His ultimate goal is to become a lawyer. In addition to this, he wants to be a part of the training so that he could earn extra for his independent living.  

Before being a part of the video editing and animation programme, Dinesh was curious about how cartoon characters would be developed. Now, he is happy to be a part of the programme.

“I used to think everybody can work on the animation using software. I was wrong. It needs creativity and focus. We need to work on every single details. It has changed my outlook towards life. I know the use of single second and framing. This training has not only honed my skills but also changed my perception,” explains Dinesh.

He shares that the training has taught him the value and importance of each small details, which he would rather ignore in the past. It has also helped Dinesh improve his communication and coordination skills.