Free Eye Checkup Camp by SOS Youth Facility Biratnagar

SOS Youth Facility Biratnagar and SOS Social Service Club (Youth Club) Biratnagar jointly organized a “Free eye checkup Camp and Free Cataract Operation Program” at Katahari-3, Mahespur in Morang on February 8, 2016.

Chief Guest and the local leader of the community thanked SOS Youth Facility Biratnagar and SOS Social Service Club for organizing such program annually.
Earlier, Ms. Parnita Basnet, Deputy Director of SOS Youth Facility Biratnagar expressed her happiness for the service provided by SOS to needy people in the community and she thanked to local people for their active participation.

The local club, “Young Heart Group” had helped and coordinated the program.  

Budhuni Chaudhary, a senior citizen and the patient said, “I am very much happy for receiving my eye checkup in my door step free of cost.”

Out of 305 people who had received free eye checkup, 57 of them were found to be patients of Cataract and the operation was done successfully in Biratnagar Eye Hospital. Other people were given free medicines and power glasses after treatment.
The operation cost of Cataract was Nepalese Rupees six thousand per person after discount. The service of total cost 342,000.00 for 57 patients was given free of cost.  

At the end of program ended “token of love” was given away to “Young Heart Group” of Mahespur for making the program successful.