Planting a small seed of change

Overview of SOS Children’s Villages Nepal’s Emergency Response Program one year after the Big Earthquake

Immediately after the devastating earthquake, SOS Children’s Villages Nepal has been on the field through the Emergency Response Programme helping the earthquake affected people through different intervention activities.

Emergency Response Program (ERP) Nepal was implemented with the objectives of enabling and promoting children and Earthquake survivors in the severely affected areas. It provided life-saving aid to thousands of children and their families who were in urgency of support. First as a relief program, earthquake affected people were provided with basic essentials like food, blankets, hygienic kits, etc. in order to ensure their normal life. 
To develop the long term impact to the earthquake victims and build resilience a baseline survey was conducted in Sindhupalchowk, Dolakha, Kavre, Kathmandu, Bhaktapur, Lalitpur, and Nuwakot. People were supported through different activities for the restoration of their lives.

These activities included Kinship Care, Livelihood Support, Home in a Box, Community Center, Construction of community schools and homes for the families.  

Map of Nepal, earthquake affected districts and where we are working

The Big Earthquake of April 25th and its aftershocks, especially that of May 12th, 2015 took the lives of nearly 8890 people and injured the next 22,000.  Many children lost their parents and homes.  They were at the risk of losing parental care with no one to take care and no place to live.   

Children were in an immediate need of rescue. Members of Staff, SOS mother, aunties and young people were in the field giving assistance to the community in whatever way they can. Our Children’s Villages were not only a shelter for children, but in the time of crisis, they were used as a shelter for families and communities.
Based on the need and urgency, we provided Child care center, educational kits, and Cash for the affected families.  The Child Care Spaces provided safe and healthy environment for the children when their parents went to clean the debris.

It provided day care service to the children. Different programs, including pre-school education, recreational activities, social skills, counselling and development of life skills were provided and this phenomenon is continuing.   

Our Goals
  • Ensure the rights and protection of children who are unaccompanied/ separated/ at risk of losing parental        care/lost parental care,
  • Strengthen and restoration of food security and livelihood among Earthquake Survivors
  • Restore the shelter/educational institutions of the Earthquake survivors which would secure and promote the state of security and caring family environment and benefit at least 800 of the community people and
  • Raise awareness to the community people on the emergency preparedness, Child Rights and Protection and other social issues

Care for children and their families for protection of children

SOS Children’s Villages makes sure that children are safe in time of natural disaster and crisis. We ensure that families have adequate emergency supplies for them and children so that children are not separated from their families.

Immediately after the earthquake 25 Child Care Spaces were established in the severely affected communities.  These spaces provided safe and secure environment for the children. Therapeutic activities, informal class activities, health care, meals and refreshments were provided to children in the Child Care Spaces.  
157,700 children benefitted from the programme.

SOS Nepal still runs 3 child care spaces running in Bhimatar and Sangachowk of Sindhupalchowk and Lakuridada of Dolakha considering the dire need of the community.  The rest were closed one year later. 
Right to Quality Care and education

As a child focused organization, SOS Children’s Villages believes that all children deserve opportunity to quality care and education. Unfortunately, many children are deprived of education, health and quality care. The destructive earthquake has pulled back children form happy and healthy childhood, increasing the risk of family separation due to poverty.

Keeping in the mind the scenario of the community, to help to grow within the caring family environment for children and earthquake survivors in earthquake affected areas SOS Children’s Villages is helping the community through the kinship program. It is supporting to those children who have lost their parents by providing cash that covers their education, health and extra expense for their personal development.
We make sure that every child has a loving home and an equal chance to succeed in life. We work as a backbone to the caregiver families of those children who lost their parents. Also, we empower families and make them capable in fulfilling the needs of their family and children giving livelihood support and training.
We are also reconstructing and renovating earthquake damaged community schools so that many children are benefited from getting a quality education. Our long term goal is to build earthquake resistant school building to provide a safe learning environment for students.

Similarly, distribution of educational kits to the students helped to recover lost educational materials from an earthquake. Inside the school bag copies, pencil, handkerchief, ink, pen, etc. were provided to the students.
After the earthquake, many schools were closed for more than 2 months. To fulfill the loose of that time we supported students of class eight, nine and ten with extra tuition classes.  
SOS Children’s Villages Nepal make sure all children’s right to quality care, right to education and right to the well-being is protected.  

Our future Plan

It’s not easy to reach our target and also it’s not impossible to achieve our goal. We are determined in our aim to work for the good will of the children and support them to secure safe and healthy environment in every situation. We are prepared to provide any kind of help to the children and their families to regain stability until they are ready to continue their daily lives in a normal way in time of natural disaster.
We hope our investment on the construction of earthquake resistance school buildings and homes helps to furnish the bright future of the children.  We aim to strengthen the families and make them self-sustain economically as well as socially so that children have a loving home to grow.