Bajgain family's story

On 25th April, 2015 Bajgain Family had everything, house, farm, vegetable garden, cattle, a happy life. But the earthquake just before noon changed everything; they lost everything, not even the vegetable garden.
Little Pushpa, 9 the eldest of the 3 children of Mrs. Sulochana Bajgain was playing outside their house with her both siblings when they heard a loud thunder of falling houses and shaking earth underneath their feet. Being eldest she cuddled both of her siblings tightly till their mother came at their rescue.
Seeing the danger of aftershocks and cold weather in their hilltop village, their father sent them down to Jorpati area, where they are living in a carpet factory like many other families are doing.
At day time, they along with their mother come to SOS Children’s Village Jorpati premises to join the Child Care Space activities. Pushpa feels very happy to be playing and participating in various activities that are held daily at SOS Children’s Village Jorpati CCS.
Pushpa said, “ I am very happy to be here, I have made many friends here and elder brothers and sisters (volunteers) from SOS Children’s Village are very  nice to us. But I am still scared of the earth shaking.” Children like Pushpa are given the way to release their trauma through various games, art, painting and other activities at SOS Children’s Village Jorpati’s Child Care Space.
Being the eldest, she is always on her guard and take care of her younger brother Jagadish and sister Anuja. Jagadish is very happy to have 2 caring elder sisters, who always look after him.
Mrs. Sulochana is worried about the future of the children, she said, “I am very happy, children are having a good time here, they are now taking all those trauma more easily since they are here at the child care space, but I am still doubtful about their future, which seems very blur, I have faith in the work of SOS Children’s Villages and its friends and I am sure that SOS will continue to support us.”
Pushpa, Anuja and Jagadish will remain in the child care space till their school re-opens, SOS children’s Village will continue to support them in anyways possible.