Awareness Program for FSP Caregivers at SOS Kavre

SOS Social Centre Kavre (Family Strengthening Program) conducted one day Awareness Program on Effective parental Care and Issues on Child Health to the caregivers of FSP children on September 21, 2015 at the auditorium of Hermann Gmeiner School Kavre. Program Officer of Early Childhood Education Centre Mr Singe Lhomi and Mr. Binod Shakya took sessions on Effective Parenting and Child Protection Issues respectively.  Dr. Ram Krishna Shrestha, a renowned pediatrician from Siddhi Memorial Hospital discussed Issues on Child Health. About 216 caregivers attended this program.  
Mr. Ishwori Prasad Sharma, Project Director, CV Kavre offered his ‘Inaugural Address’ stating that FSP caregivers are important for our Organization because they put the SOS Message ‘A loving home for every child’ into practice and spread the spirit of the SOS Movement around in their communities.  He stressed on the fact that well-being of children depends on the environment adults create for them.  For example, behavior and attitude of parents are normally reflected on their Children. He also mentioned that by creating ‘loving home for our children’, we are helping to make the world a better and more civilized place.    
Mr Lomi and Mr. Shakya discussed caregivers’ roles on making children better and considerate people. They advised that a thoughtless action from parents might ruin the entire life of a child.  While discussing issues on Child Health, Dr. Shrestha gave some tips on child health, suggested when to take the children to hospital and when to use medicines.  He also talked about the wrong use of antibiotics and its effect on child health.  Dr. Shrestha also offered ‘health checkup’ to interested caregivers.  Miss Ishwori Dahal, a certified staff-nurse and grown-up of an SOS Family from CV Kavre, supported the doctor.  Chandeshwori Medical Hall Banepa and Banepa Medi Store from Banepa provided the medicinal items free of cost for the health camp.  
SOS Social Centre Kavre has been conducting awareness programme every year and the number of participants is increasing.  Currently SOS Social Center Kavre has been supporting 549 children from 285 families to ensure their rights to health, care and education.  Many of these children are from women headed families and some others are taken care of by their extended family members such as uncles, grandparents and aunts. As such our support is critical for their wellbeing and preparing for a dignified life.  
At the end of the awareness program, we asked some participants to express their views. They said that they have found ‘Awareness Program’ very helpful to support in the progress of their children.  They also expressed their gratitude to SOS Children’s Village Kavre, specifically to the coordinator, SC Kavre for organizing such an effective programme.