A Kind Grandmother

An Example of Partnership for Kinship Care

Sindhupalchowk is the most devastated district by earthquake. The dead tolls reached to 3500 and more in this district alone. The earthquake left many children orphan. Some of them are admitted under the family based care (FBC) at SOS Children’s Villages. The others are in the process. On the other side, there are so many families who came on the street. They have lost everything under their collapsed buildings, but luckily some of their lives are safe.

Here is a story of a small baby, just 4 days old when she lost her mother in earthquake. The devastated spot is very remote area and is very far from SOS Children’s Villages. One has to go many hours by vehicles and on foot in order to reach on the place. SOS Children’s Villages reached in the spot and has now been supporting the whole affected family under Kinship Care.
After we received a call from the Child Rights Officer of Sindhupalchok on 7 May 2015, we rushed to a village near Chautara to take in three girls who have lost their mother in the earthquake. When we arrived there, 13 day rites were to complete in a tent near the destroyed house. A small gathering of people consisted of friends and family members of the deceased women. Seeing new faces wearing tee-shirt with SOS Logo, they asked the purpose of our visit.

Once we gave them details of the organization to the bereaved man and his mother, and told them our intention (of taking their children, three daughters; the youngest one 17 days old) to SOS Children’s Village Kavre, they became serious. After a while they admitted, and it was apparent from the situation’ that Mr. Baniya (Father) would not be able to take care of children, especially the youngest one, because he has to work as a farm labor. But the grandmother refused to give children to us. She said that they are gifts from her deceased daughter-in-law and that it is her responsibility now to look after these girls.

After further discussions, we made a decision that SOS Children’s Village Kavre will provide the family financial and social support whereas the family, especially the grandmother, will ensure that they are well taken care of and that they will be attending school regularly.