Four Years After the Nepal Earthquake-happy ending

Arya* a seven year old from Bhaktapur district of Nepal is now like any other seven year old. Living happily with her father, step-mother and brother. If you meet her today you wouldn’t know how close she came to losing everything. 
Before the earthquake
Arya was growing happily in her family of origin in Bhaktapur. She had a loving mother who looked after her. She was growing up in a large extended family where everyone looked out for her. She was three year old, when the big earthquake struck on 25th April 2015 with 7.8 magnitude. Within a minute, Arya lost her mother, and life as she knew it.
As the earthquake struck
Arya’s family had gathered in one of the relative’s home for a family function. Arya was with her mother and grandparents enjoying the feast. Suddenly, building started to shake. People didn’t understand what was happening, some of them stayed inside the house while others ran out. Most of the relatives were on the ground floor of the four-storey building, whereas five family members including Arya and her mother were on the top floor.  After the earthquake, Arya’s grandparents were able to come out safely from the house, however, the wall of the house collapsed on Arya’s mother killing her instantly. Arya survived miraculously. Many others in her family were injured. The earthquake also demolished her four storey house leaving them with no place to live.
The journey to SOS Children’s Village Sanothimi
After the earthquake, Arya’s father was so traumatised that he couldn’t look after Arya. On the suggestion of his late wife’s parents, Arya’s father sent her to SOS Children’s Village, Sanothimi.
Arya was welcomed in the family of SOS Children’s Village Sanothimi barely after a month of the quake. She got a loving SOS mother and a new family. In the beginning, it was difficult for Arya to adjust in the new family environment. The affection of her SOS mother slowly, made things easier for her.
The two years journey at SOS Children’s Village Sanothimi was beautiful for Arya. She was the youngest in an SOS family house. She was loved and cared by her SOS Mother and siblings. She had joined SOS Hermann Gmeiner School Sanothimi. Her elder siblings used to recite stories for her.
A Family reunited
After Arya’s father recovered from his trauma and started reconstructing his life, he found a loving partner and started a family again. He was able to get Arya back to live with him. He is now in the process of reconstructing his house.
 “It feels like a dream. My daughter is with me. She is a playful child. I also have a wife and a son. I work in my own carpentry shop in my home. My wife helps my children get ready for school. She makes sure to fulfill their requirements,” says 27 years old Arnav*, father of Arya.
Arnav smiles when he remembers how happy he is to reunite with his daughter. She means a world for him. Arya is still getting educational support from SOS Children’s Village Sanothimi. She is continuing her study in SOS Herman Gmeiner School, Sanothimi.
Arnav is grateful to the SOS Children’s Villages for providing short-term care to his daughter. “I couldn’t imagine, how difficult it would had been, if my daughter had not received support. We had no place to live and no food to eat. I had left my 3 year old child and received a five year old happy child who can easily adjust with everyone. She has also learned good habits. She teaches her younger brother what to do and what not to do, things that she learnt during her stay at SOS. During these two years, I missed her badly yet, I had no option.”
Arya is happy to be reunited with her family. She follows her father wherever, he goes. SOS Children’s Villages believes that every child has a right to grow up in their families of origin with love, respect and security.
*Names changed for privacy protection